Origami (paper folding) Fun in Tokyo
By Teru Follow | Public

Hello! I am Teru, Terumasa Kutsuna, international origami instructor, certified origami instructor of Nippon Origami Association. Origami will provide fun with folding, full impression with completion, further happiness as a gift, which increase amount of smiles in the word.
To ease, do Origami which is considered as meditation in India. goo.gl/nusdXZ
To enjoy puzzle, try Origami which can solve math teasers. goo.gl/R54on9
To appreciate arts, work Origami which is exhibited in art museum due to its aesthetic. https://goo.gl/RvFDrc
To have fun, play with Origami which is designed for actions. goo.gl/CIGq0l
For students, utilize Origami to learn mathematics.
For elders, leverage Origami for brain exercise, rehabilitation and attraction for grandchildren.